Support Links

If you have suffered a stillbirth or a neonatal death and are in need of support, please view the links below.

  • Sands – Offers local and national support to those that have suffered a stillbirth or neonatal death of any kind.
  • Count the Kicks – Set up to empower & support pregnant mums to trust there instincts. they offer the best advice and information changes in your unborn babies movements.
  • Saying Goodbye – Holds numerous remembrance services year round for anyone who has lost a baby at any stage.
  • Tommy’s – Researches into pregnancy related issues, specifically stillbirth and miscarriage.
  • Angel Daddies / Angel Mummies – Private Facebook pages set up by parents that have suffered a stillbirth to offer help and support 24/7.
  • Lily Mae Foundation – The Lily Mae Foundation is here to help and support Parents and Families that have been affected by the death of a baby. The Lily Mae Foundation aims to help change public perception of Stillbirth and Neonatal Death by continuing to commit to our Charitable Objectives